Tim Pannell at the LA Shoot

Doug Moore talks to Tim Pannell, our amazing photographer, about the LA Shoot live on location! DM: "How's it going today?" TP: "Going well, fun."

DM: "How did you get involved?" TP: "It's my second year. A friend introduced me to CEF last year. Shot for a day at Air Hollywood. It was a great experience. This year they just called. It was a no brainer."

DM: "What interested you about CEF?" TP: "Think it's a great cause, glad to be a part of it. Like that it does stuff for kids, providing opportunities."

DM: "What have you been shooting?" TP: "Was shooting at the pool, backyard, portraits."

DM: "How do you like  the location?" TP: "Great location, fun to have lots of crew and resources."

DM: "What would you say about CEF shoots?" TP: "It's a great organization, set up well. I just show up and shoot. Everyone is good at what they do."

(Edited by: Tamania J. Naqi- Social Media Coordinator)