Our Mission


The Compassionate Eye Foundation is a non-profit organization with a unique focus on philanthropy. Engaging the collective talents of photographers, videographers, producers, and other creatives, CEF volunteers use their skills to support the greater good.

CEF believes that it’s better to get a hand up than a handout. Working with partner Getty Images, CEF rallies the creative efforts of hundreds of volunteers across North America and the UK to build a brighter future for children and families throughout developing nations. Every year thousands of dollars in royalties from stock image purchases are distributed to support life-sustaining projects that offer access to health services, education, and tools for sustainable, economic development. From building schools in Nepal to installing water filtration systems in Cambodia and creating profitable business ventures in Kenya, the Compassionate Eye Foundation makes it happen one photograph at a time.



Safeguarding health with clean water systems and access to medical care.

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Creating environments for children to learn and grow.

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Empowering communities with tools for economic success.



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