Ashley the 10-year-old Super Model

Doug Moore talks to Ashley, our awesome 10-year-old model, about being a CEF model! DM: "How's your day been?" A:  "Exciting, fun."

DM:  "What do you enjoy most?" A:  "Pictures with me it?"

DM:  "How did you hear about CEF?" A:  "Thru mom, who heard about it through Actors Access."

DM:  "What do you like about modeling?" A:  "I like posing, do it all the time."

DM:  "Which photographer did you work with?" A:  "I worked with Robert. I liked him cause he wasn't mean."

DM:  "What was your favorite scene?" A:   "I liked playing the piano."

DM:  "What would you like to say to future models?" A:  "Never quit, never give up and get straight As, otherwise mom won't let you do it."