A Letter from CEF Founder Robert Kent

Hello CEF community, I would like to invite you to check out our new website.

A change that excites me like no other.

Our team has strived to find a better way to illustrate our mission and to provide a forum for our community. I love our new look!

CEF is now 6 years old, and under the outstanding leadership of a brilliant board of directors, we are in six countries and provide literacy to thousands of children per month.

We have a dynamic win/win partnership with Getty Images who continues to give us extremely valuable support to further our mission + grow our revenue.

And when it comes to volunteers, we continue to attract bright, thoughtful, high quality people that want to make a difference.

So . . . let's get the communications party started. Tell us your thoughts, share the news and celebrate our unique community.

Thank you + enjoy.

Robert Kent

Founder Compassionate Eye Foundation