CEF London - Day 3 Summary

Kevin Moore sends us another report from England as Day 3 at the CEF London Summer Solstice rolls on: This past Saturday we completed another stock photo shoot in London. The location was in a Regus business center in Chiswick Park in west London; the theme, of course, was business.  The day got off to a troubled start, as the glass roof of the atrium was covered with blinds.  We've been having record-breaking hot weather the past week in London, so we could only guess that the roof was covered to keep the heat down!  However this severely limited the amount of natural light in the foyer.

Photographer Martin Barraud and his team were quick to improvise, and figured out how to light scenes that still looked great.  Meanwhile, photographer David Leahy found a corner office flooded with light and got to work with a couple smartly dressed models for "office discussion" images.

Philippa Cooper set up in the staging & production room and spent the day securing headshots of the models as soon as they were styled and made-up.

Finally, after lunch the roof blinds opened up flooding the atrium with light, which David Leahy used to shoot compelling images of business men and women on a suspended crosswalk. Martin Barraud then set up in a conference room and shot images of a "meeting".  Despite the shaky start, the day was a total success!  The models did a fantastic job of looking the part and our production/styling team worked hard to ensure suits were crisp.

Be sure to check our Flickr page for more amazing shots from our London Summer Solstice!