Twitti School Project is Well on its Way!

Arianna Dametto, Social Media Coordinator 

Compassionate Eye Foundation is pleased to provide the following report on the construction of classrooms in the low income farming community of Lilayi.   Shelley and Patrick O’Callaghan, who volunteer with the Friends for Zambia Society, visited last May and reported back on all the exciting progress. First off, the roof has been completed on the Administration/Library building, and they would soon be plastering and painting the walls.  Also, the foundation has begun construction on the last three classroom buildings, which are anticipated to be finished early next year!

We are also excited to report that the charity, Room to Read will be providing assistance with teacher training, and the set up of the new library.  The library will house eleven computers which have been generously funded by various Rotary Clubs in Canada and Zambia.  As well, Lafarge Zambia will be continuing to assist us with the construction of the Twitti School!

Shelley and Patrick noted that there was pure joy and excitement from the children when they visited the school and gave out school supplies and playground equipment. The Twitti school has received a major upgrade with the grant provided by The Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives, which bought new textbooks for everyone. This was a significant improvement for the school, as up until this grant they had only one textbook for each classroom to work with.   The best part of their visit, however, came from the announcement that enough money had been raised to buy a used school bus.  It was said that with the announcement of the new bus, “You would have thought that Christmas had arrived early, the children all burst into shouts of joy!”.

The completion of the school is well on its way, with the help and support from all the contributing organizations. As Shelley O’ Callaghan best put it, “When we see the final product of those wonderful sunny yellow buildings with the happy children inside, we are so proud of what we all have been able to accomplish together”!