Summer Solstice Shoot 2010

Rob Daly, Production Chairperson, Compassionate Eye Foundation

It has been a challenging time for the stock photography industry over the last couple of years, with the impact of microstock libraries and ever increasing competition in the stock photography marketplace overall.

No one in the industry has been immune from its effects, but with the correct strategy and the generous contribution of time and talent from photographers, art directors, producers, models, stylists, hair and make-up artists, other crew members and editors, Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) has been able to maintain a steady income stream from its collection of images on

Together with Getty Images and OJO Images, CEF identified major market demands and important niches to determine the strategy that would strengthen it’s collection.

To meet its new objectives, CEF started individually approaching experienced stock photographers, producers and other highly experienced industry professionals to work together in the 2009 Summer Solstice shoots. This has proved to be very successful, and we will be approaching the Solstice 2010 shoots in a similar way.

We are proud and grateful for the 2,800 images that have been produced by nearly 70 photographers and their crews around the world since 2006.

This year, in our 5th Annual Summer Solstice Shoot, we are looking forward to adding more great imagery.

All of the imagery created by the volunteer photographers, art directors, producers and crews, will continue to provide an ongoing funding source for CEF, and help individuals and communities in need around the world.

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