Progress Report No. 1: Cambodian Floating Health Clinic

by Cale Simpson, CEF Social Media Coordinator We hope all is well and the New Year is off to a good start!   Here's  a quick update on the progress of the Mobile Health Clinic. Everything is going very well. Mr. Lowey has now finished  the welding of the steel floatation system as well as the wooden platform  and fencing around the platform. Mr. Lowey is a very good man and highly skilled at building floatation structures.  Originally from Vietnam, he came to Cambodia when he was 12 years old and began to work, he now has forty five years of experience and also grew up in the Lake area.


The pre-fabricated building is now being built by a Khmer company that is run by an Italian engineer, who has dedicated over eight years to assisting the people of Cambodia by running a training program for the Khmer people. So this project is not only assisting those in need of medical care it is providing work and training for many Khmer people, which is a bonus for the project.  January 29th is the proposed finished date, after that the clinic will be towed to the Stung Sen river which should take about 24 hours. We are going to document the trip with pictures and videos as we go along.


The Lake Clinic staff are very happy to have this clinic built, and we are working closely with them to ensure the clinic will suit their needs. The doctors, nurses and midwives are all relieved to have a permanent facility where they can treat those in need and have a comfortable place to stay while working in very isolated areas.  With the help of K.I.D.S., the building of the bathroom, kitchen, solar support and water pump system, are now being designed and implemented.  All in all, the floating clinic is being built on schedule, which is exciting to hear!