Meet Susan Dick, CEF's Education Chairperson

by Leah Yee, Social Media Coordinator

We would like to take the time to recognize one of our wonderful team members at Compassionate Eye Foundation, Susan Dick. As CEF's Education Chairperson, Susan is responsible for finding education projects to get involved with. She is the main communications link between the foundation and the partners we work with around the world. When asked about what she does in the course of her work, Susan commented that the most important thing is to choose good educational projects that make a difference in the lives of others. She truly believes that knowledge is power and education is the key to empowering people.

Susan always knew she wanted to work with troubled youth and decided to explore her options by working with five non-profit organizations in five years to see where she best fit. This decision eventually led her to Guatemala where she became inspired to raise funds to build a school, which in turn, led her to meet Robert Kent and the Compassionate Eye Foundation. After partnering with CEF to successfully raise $20,000 dollars for her school project, she returned to Guatemala in 2007 to find a location for the school to be built. Upon her return, Susan decided to join the CEF board as Educational Chairperson. Needless to say we feel both honored and privileged to have her on our team ever since.

Susan believes that every single person deserves a chance to get an education and that many people were not getting this opportunity. She simply could not watch what was going on in the world without getting involved. She commented that CEF focuses on sustainable projects while being respectful of the local culture, and she loves having the opportunity to empower people to reach their potential through the foundation’s projects.

Susan is looking forward to the projects lined up for this year, including the ongoing Peer Literacy program in partnership with CAUSE Kids and the Kids International Development Society (K.I.D.S) Cambodian floating clinic (already up and running!), as well as expanding our work to help even more people. She urges everyone to consider getting involved with the Compassionate Eye Foundation and would like to thank the amazing and respectful group of talented people who love to make a difference! So, why not Join Us?