Heartwarming Video Postcard from Free the Children

by Rey Buenaventura, CEF Social Media Manager  

One of the best things about working for a non-profit like CEF is getting to work with other amazing non-profits, such as Free the Children. Today, we received a wonderful video postcard from one of their co-founders, Marc Kielburger, who is currently Eor Ewuaso, Kenya.  In the video Marc introduces us to Grace, one of the many students who have benefited from CEF's support of their Adopt-A-Village program.  Grace is doing fantastic in her new school and wants to become a pilot when she grows up! We at CEF would also like to say, 'Asante sana' to Free the Children for all the great work they do! Seeing how our efforts are making a difference in the lives of others around the world is what inspires us to do the work that we do! We wish Grace and her classmates all the best as they strive for their dreams and achieve future success!