A Thank-you to Volunteer Bookkeeper, Cherry Mak

by Krystele Chavez, CEF Social Media Coordinator  

Cherry Mak is a devoted volunteer bookkeeper who works with our Executive Director, Susan McDonald. Cherry is a great contributor to CEF and has been with us for almost two full years now! After hearing about CEF from her ex co-worker who was unable to continue as the bookkeeper, Cherry stepped up and filled in. After an interview with Susan and just a month’s worth of bookkeeping, Cherry has been with us since and chooses to stay for as long as she can!

As a bookkeeper, Cherry is in charge of entering any accounting related matters into the accounting software in order to generate Financial Statements for the board of directors to review. Once a month she does certain duties like monthly revenues or expenses. She also answers any questions that the directors would have in relation to bookkeeping or accounting. Cherry is always eager to help and even contributes advice on what to do in order to make financial statements easier to read and easily understandable by others. At the end of each fiscal year, she sends all her bookkeeping information to CEF's accountant to generate a final report.

Her enjoyment of accounting related work showed a clear connection with her role as a volunteer bookkeeper, revealing the passion she carries with CEF’s mission to contribute to 3rd world countries.  Cherry shares below what she finds most unique about volunteering for CEF:

“ I think the most unique part of the Compassionate Eye Foundation is that everyone from the directors to the photographers are all volunteers (none of them ask for money) and they all have the same goal which is to give back to the community and to make a better tomorrow. That makes it very different from other non for profit organizations, because a lot of the other non for profit organizations will have to pay a lot to the administration and what really goes into the community is very little.”

Cherry exemplies the type of individual who finds the time to contribute as much as she can, while enjoying her work and having fun as well! During the weekend, she likes to hang out with friends, lying low with boardgames or dancing and having a great time. Aside from CEF, she is a self employed full-cycle accountant.  We would like to show appreciation to Cherry for her years of hard work and dedication to CEF! Thank you for your support, Cherry!

If you have any inquiries, contact Cherry at cmakacct@gmail.com, or check out her page at https://www.facebook.com/cmakacct.