Q&A with Vancouver Photographer, Steven Errico

Krystele Chavez, Social Media Coordinator Steven Errico is a commercial photographer and owner of Steven Errico Photography based in Vancouver, Canada. As a long-standing supporter of CEF, Steven is the recipient of two major photography awards: the AI-AP | American Illustrators American Photographers Award and PDN Photo Annual Award. Learn more about Steven's passion for photography and how he became involved with our foundation in our interview below.



CEF: What is your background in photography and when did you discover your passion?

Steven: It is a bit of a convoluted path I took to photography. While I have always seen myself as a visual communicator, and have enjoyed photography since my teens, my initial intent coming out of high school was to work in the ad agency world. I did a little bit of agency interning locally while studying Marketing at UBC. However, following graduation I hooked up with a group of fellow grads that where interested in beginning a high-tech start-up. They needed someone to head up the marketing and creative division.  During this time I also studied design at ECIAD. I did the high-tech thing for several years, yet during this time my photography hobby was becoming more and more of an obsession.  As my role at the high-tech firm started moving further and further away from the visual communication aspects that I found fulfilling, I decided to make a break and enrolled full time in photography school. Out of school I was lucky enough to land a job as Robert Kent's full-time photography assistant. It was through Robert that I was introduced to the Compassionate Eye Foundation. In fact, it was during the period that I was with Robert that the idea for giving back through photography was beginning to germinate in his head.

CEF: What made you realize that photography would end up being a career rather than just a hobby?

Steven: I think the "ah-ha" moment came while I was still CD for the high-tech firm. I was on-set of a photo shoot we had commissioned, totally enthralled with every element of the process.  It was then that I realized my true passion and interest lay behind the lens. And that if I did not follow that passion I would regret it.

CEF: How did you become involved with CEF?

Steven: My involvement with CEF began with my involvement with Robert Kent. Through my connection with Robert I was fortunate enough to obtain my own shooting contract with Getty Images. Then when the inaugural CEF summer solstice shoot was being planned, Robert was generous enough to ask if I would like to participate - even though I was still very much a new photographer. It was an unbelievably rewarding experience. And I have been involved ever since.

You can check out his website at stevenerrico.com or contact him for any inquiries at info@stevenerrico.com