Keep voting for CEF! - An Update on the iStock contest

by Krystele Chavez, CEF Social Media Coordinator  








As part of iStock's campaign to create positive change around the world, we cannot help but stay elated! It really is an honour to be chosen as one of the charities; however, we need your help!  With just four days left (Nov. 20 – 23), you will help determine how much CEF receives.

We are proud to say that CEF is currently in second place with 205 votes! Please help in whatever method you can to spread the word and help people vote for us! Our social media team is currently doing all we can to be on certain social media platforms, so don't forget to like and follow us!

Here are a few tips:

1) Facebook: Like us and vote for CEF on The area to vote is on the left hand side of the page, just down from the header titled “iStock asked the question”.  Share this onto your Facebook timeline for all your friends to see! You can also request/invite friends to view the same page upon voting.

2) Twitter: Follow us @CEFoundation. Re-tweet our posts for all your followers to become aware!

3) LinkedIn: Follow us at and share the link!

We truly acknowledge and appreciate all your help! Don't forget to tell your friends all about it and vote, vote, vote!