A Quick Recap of CEF and Vancouver Timeraiser 2012

by Cale Simpson, CEF Social Media Coordinator The Vancouver Timeraiser volunteer fundraiser event at the Yaletown Roundhouse was a great success!  There were approximately thirty pieces of art up for auction, which ranged from photography to pop culture artworks.  The room buzzed with conversation and inquisitiveness from the diverse crowd of people who came. The Compassionate Eye Foundation's booth drew a lot of attention with Susan McDonald, Executive Director, fielding questions and queries.  She left the event saying that she was really pleased with the interest and the caliber of folks that signed up.

Nearly each piece of art fulfilled its maximum volunteer bid amount, which spoke to the quality of art that was being auctioned and the people who came to volunteer their time. I ended up inviting a few friends to the event, who had attended before, and we ended up having a great time! All-in-all it was a fun event worthy of CEF's participation. We are proud to be a part of Vancouver Timeraiser, and we're looking forward to having the opportunity to participate again next year!