Summer Solstice 2013 – Focus on Change

By Leah Lockhart, Communications Chair & Jenn Laidlaw, Blog Coordinator, CEF

June 21, 2013 marks the Summer Solstice across the northern hemisphere. People are united as they revel in the first official day of summer. All of us at Compassionate Eye Foundation are celebrating this symbolic day, not only because we love our Vitamin D, but because Summer Solstice plays a particularly important part in our history.

On June 21, 2006 the first annual Summer Solstice Shoot was held. Eleven photographers and their crews donated their time, talent and resulting images to the CEF/Getty Images stock contract. Since the Summer Solstice Shoots were first held in 2006, the funds generated through image sales on have supported educational projects and programs in Guatemala, South Africa, Sierra Leone, India, Zambia and a number of income and livelihood enterprises in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Cambodia.

The Summer Solstice shoots have become an annual tradition here at CEF, and this year is no exception. Our volunteers have been working hard to put together a schedule of photo shoots around the world – in Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, London and beyond.

CEF 2013 photo shoots are underway

Focus On Change image

From baby bumps to loveable canines to suiting up, CEF’s photo shoots for 2013 are well underway.   The season launched with Natasha Allipour Faridani’s “baby bump” shoot in London, followed by David Leahy’s shoot featuring furry four-legged models. In Toronto, Hiep Vu and Kara Dillon got down to business for our latest shoot featuring a business theme.

And that’s just the beginning! Our official theme for our 2013 Summer Solstice photo shoots is Focus on Change.

Other photographers enlisted for 2013 include Hubert Kang, Katie Huisman, Steven Errico, Tim PannellKaran Kapoor and Jasper White. Themes will cover fitness, athletics, beach fun, seniors, modern home, families and more.

We are so grateful for all of the volunteers who generously donate their time and talent to make these shoots a success. Each shoot results in many new saleable images for CEF, which in turn generate revenue to help us fund health, education and economic development projects around the world.

Summer Solstice Milestones

2006 - The first annual Summer Solstice Shoot is held.

2007 – (February) The first two CEF images from the 2006 Solstice Shoot are sold. This marks the beginning of royalty generation from the imagery produced at the Summer Solstice Shoot to fund CEF projects.

2013 – Eighth annual Solstice season!

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