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Last year, Jasper White was the eye behind a photo shoot called Kids from Above, part of CEF's 2012 Summer Photo Shoot campaign. Produced by Fiona Watson, the photo shoot was about making tableaus with the kids on the ground and the photographer above, taking pictures from a bird's-eye-view.

The images that were created using a large number of kids together in one place was awesome! The tableaus included words, symbols like hearts and arrows, and all the letters of the alphabet.

Throughout the shoot, Jasper could be found approximately 11 metres above the kids in the rafters, taking photos and communicating via walkie-talkie and megaphone in the massive Malcolm Ryan Studios in Wimbledon, London. Also a part of this shoot and new to CEF, was photographer Russell Duncan, who took fun portraits and headshots of all the children involved in the photo shoot.

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Thanks again to everyone who participated in this unique shoot! These photos are now available on Getty and would make for some fantastic educational and child-focussed campaigns! Help us spread the word and share these photos with your creative communities.

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