Physical Attraction: Solo Exhibition by Katie Huisman

by In Hye Lee, Social Media Coordinator physical_attraction_EVITECEF derives its strength from volunteers, including talented photographers like Katie Huisman. Based in Vancouver, Katie first became involved with CEF through our founder, Robert Kent, and is now a five-time contributor to the CEF Getty collection. She has previously described her work with CEF as "one of [her] favourite and most rewarding annual projects."

Katie dates the beginning of her passion for photography back to when she set up her first darkroom in her family's basement at the age of fifteen. Outside of her work with CEF, she is experienced in both contemporary art and commercial photography, and offers lectures and seminars at public and private institutions. Her upcoming solo exhibition, Physical Attraction, is a photographic portrait study exploring attraction in couples.

Physical Attraction considers the idea that there is an instinctual attraction between faces that draws people together, using composite photography to compare facial features of people engaged in romantic partnership. The exhibition features fifty couples of various ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations and studies the similarity of features between people who are romantically involved.

The exhibition is taking place at Initial Gallery in Vancouver.

Location: Initial Gallery, 2339 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC Exhibition: February 13 to March 8 Opening Reception: February 13, 6 to 9 PM Artist Talk: February 22, 2 to 3 PM