World Water Day 2014

Leah Yee, Social Media Manager WWD banner

Every year since 1993, on March 22nd, the entire world comes together to recognize the importance of fresh water, and to take action to improve the ways in which we use it. Past World Water Days have focused on Water Scarcity (2007), Water Sanitation (2008), Water Quality (2010), Water and Food Security (2012), and more. The United Nations have designated 2014 as the year to bring attention to the vital nexus between water and energy, with a particular focus on worldwide inequalities in access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, and food and energy services. This year's events also looks towards the development of policies geared towards energy security and sustainable water use. 

CEF has always recognized the value of water for health and sustainability around the world, and we have pledge to fund numerous water-related projects in developing countries around the globe. In 2013, in partnership with Kids International Development Society, we helped to build a new solar-powered well with a 2500 liter water tank near the Kauk Chrey School in Cambodia. We are happy to report that now over 1,000 residents benefit from the clean water for drinking, hygiene and irrigation, and that the project is being replicated at the Moon Pek school later this year. 

A water tower in rural Cambodia, from K.I.D.S

In the spring of 2012, we started working with Free The Children to further expand access to clean water for schools and communities in the Masai Mara region of Kenya. The three water kiosks that are installed (so far!) provide much-needed water sources and sanitation facilities. Some of the additional benefits of structures such as these are the reduction of diseases, increased awareness of hygiene practices, and elimination of the need for children  to trek to far-off water sources.

water kiosk kenya

We ask that today, and on all other days, you be conscious of the importance of water and take action towards positive change in the world. You can help us to continue to build clean water projects in developing areas through a myriad of ways. We thank you for your support!