The People of CEF: Brett Padelford

In Hye Lee, Social Media Coordinator Brett PadelfordIn today’s world, an organization’s online presence is often just as important as its physical presence! In addition to its blog and social media channels, the CEF website is one of the most important tools for spreading the word about CEF’s funding model, goals, and projects. One of the key people behind the website is Brett Padelford, who has been CEF’s copywriter since December 2011.

As CEF’s copywriter, Brett writes content for the website. One of his biggest projects to date has been assisting with the website redesign, when he updated all of the pages on the website, including adding new content and ensuring that existing content was up to date. The position requires a keen eye for detail and an aptitude for writing. Brett considers writing to be his core talent, and was seeking an outlet for his writing when he stumbled upon the opportunity with CEF.

“I was looking through a volunteering website based in LA, and the CEF opportunity popped up,” he recalled. “I was looking for a position where I could write, because writing is my main strength. I can write nice, flowery words about anything.”

Fortunately for Brett, his position with CEF has allowed him to contribute to a meaningful cause while exercising his strengths. “I feel like it would be selfish if I didn’t use my skills for good. Not that I’m doing anything particularly bad, but it’s a great feeling using your skills for doing good. That’s quite rewarding. It’s fun to see that what I write goes up on the website and has at least a small effect on getting people to donate and helping people around the world,” he said.

Outside of his role with CEF, Brett keeps busy with several day jobs, including social media and PR for the University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band, website and PR work for his family’s construction company, freelance writing, and a small photography business. While Brett isn’t looking to getting involved with the photography aspect of CEF, he enjoys expanding his knowledge through writing for CEF.

“When I’m writing pieces, I get to learn about the places where the projects take place. One project I found particularly interesting was the floating clinic in Cambodia,” he said. “I got to learn about something that I had no idea was going on in the world.”

As for future involvement, Brett is determined to continue volunteering with CEF. “I’ll be there as long as they need me,” he said.

Thank you for all of your work with CEF, Brett! We look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.