New Funding Partner: Seaview Eco-Epicurean Waterfarm

Dan Rogers, Board Chair


Compassionate Eye Foundation is very pleased and excited to announce a new funding partnership, with a historical twist. Earlier this year CEF entered into an agreement with the Seaview Eco-Epicurean Waterfarm in Puna, Hawaii wherein the Waterfarm would donate 25% of all sales to CEF’s global projects. Waterfarm is a community organization which provides locals in the lower Puna area with blessed and structured water through monthly co-op memberships.

But why? One of the founders of the Waterfarm is our founder, Robert Kent. Robert continues to make a difference in the world on so many levels.  Below is an excerpt from the Seaview Water Farm website:

25% of all Seaview Eco-Epicurean Waterfarm water sales will be donated directly to CEF’s work around the world. This amount will also be matched by CEF. For every $5 you donate for your water, we will donate $1.25 to CEF, which will be matched 1:1, resulting in $2.50 of impact in developing nations. The primary focus of these projects will be on clean water programs.

You can learn more about Seaview here!

Here’s to fresh, pure water around the world.  Many thanks to Robert and all involved in the Farm!