The People of CEF: A Thank-you to Philippa Cooper

Philippa Scaramanga_1Krystele Chavez, Social Media Coordinator Three years ago, out of a desire to use her skills to give back, Philippa Cooper became the Compassionate Eye Foundation's Submissions Coordinator.

Philippa got involved with CEF after Rob Daly, one of our members on the advisory council, suggested that it might be of interest to her. Having worked in the photography industry for many years, Philippa was thrilled to join a non-profit organization that raises funds for charity projects through its creative community.

Philippa plays a crucial role in getting CEF’s images uploaded onto the Getty website; you can pretty much say that her role is what helps us get sales! As Submissions Coordinator, Philippa manages all the images from photoshoots until they are uploaded onto the Getty website. Once she instructs the Getty editors on how CEF wants the images to be retouched, she does quality control checks to ensure the images are done to a high standard, as well as apply any final tweaks to the retouching to maximize the images’ potential. Afterwards, Philippa uploads the images and releases them onto the Getty site with the application of metadata and keywords, a process which helps images to be found on the Getty website and additionally helps our sales. Only wanting the best, Philippa also does checks on the Getty site to ensure that the correct keywords have been applied.

Because CEF is an organization compromised of team members from around the globe, Philippa also liaises with retouchers in India. Additionally, she was in charge of setting up a system that is cost effective and generates consistent high quality retouching.

Philippa recalls one of her highlights of working with CEF: “The best experience so far was when the 800 images for 2011 were finalised and online on the Getty website. Seeing the images online marked the end of a long process which made me feel very proud.”

Philippa exemplifies the type of individual who takes the time to contribute as much as she can to an organization she believes in. In addition to her work for CEF, she works as a freelance producer, portrait photographer and is involved in other post-production projects. Philippa enjoys living in a beautiful village in the English countryside with her husband, two sons, wonderful dog, horse, and chickens!

Thank you for all that you do for Compassionate Eye Foundation, Philippa!