Q&A with Art Director Vicki Schelstraete: Toronto Food Shoot

Leah Yee, Social Media Manager CEFThe Focus on Change 2014 Photo Shoot Tour continues: On July 29th, a talented crew of Compassionate Eye Foundation volunteers and contributors come together at a studio in Toronto to put on a successful food themed shoot.

Edward Pond, a commercial advertising photographer, shared his skills free of charge as photographer, and the art direction was led by Vicki Schelstraete and Felicia Cohen. Paige Weir and LeeAnne Wright volunteered their time and expertise as stylists, and Sandra Yang on hair and makeup. We would also like to thank all our fantastic volunteer models from Sherrida Model Management and Orange Models.

We caught up with Vicki to find out more about the mouth-watering theme of the shoot:

CEF: Tell us about the Food theme.

Vicki: We selected a dozen different foods that were seasonal and graphic and shot them in three different set-ups per food. First, there was the ‘hero’ shot of a single food. Next we did a group shot or conceptual shot of the food, and finally, an enjoyment or consumption of the food by a model. For example, the ‘hero’ shot of the strawberry was a close up of a luscious red strawberry. The group shot was various strawberries on a white background or in a bowl or basket. The third shot was a model holding or biting into a strawberry.

Food prep

CEF: What went into the art direction?

VickiWe selected foods that were already prepared so that we would save time on food prep. We would switch back and forth from shooting the foods on their own (on a white background or a rustic table top) until models were ready then we switched over to the model with the food - back and forth with a very nice flow going thanks to our food stylist LeeAnne's great timing. Photographing models while eating is always a challenge and can be somewhat limiting, but of course there are the classic images of hands holding and offering a pile of juicy berries. I don’t think I’ve ever looked so closely or for so long at a single food - you’re always looking for that perfect berry, perfect apple or perfect sprinkly donut for a close-up!

CEF: Can you describe the atmosphere of the shoot?

Vicki: Everyone was very organized so we were able to transition quite smoothly between each food. It was a very relaxed and organic shoot until the twin girls arrived in the afternoon and we fed them every sugary food that was on set - the energy immediately changed and I can only imagine the sugar-high the girls were on during their long car ride home!

Images from the shoot will be sold through the CEF collection on Getty Images and all funds earned will used to fund education, health, and sustainability projects around the globe.

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