Q&A with Photographer Julie Francoeur: Montreal Business Entrepreneur Shoot

Leah Yee, Social Media Manager August 17 marked another stop on the Focus on Change 2014 Photoshoot Tour. A team of creative professionals led by talented lifestyle photographer Julie Francoeur gathered at an office space in Montreal to put on a Business Entrepreneur Shoot. We caught up with Julie to find out more…

CEF: You have worked with us once before in 2013, what made you want to get involved for another year?

Julie: My shoot last year was just so much fun! It's always an amazing feeling when you get to help a wonderful cause but when you get together as a team of photographers, models, assistants, stylists, and makeup artist, the mood just becomes electric. It really is one of the best shoots I do every year.

CEF: Tell me a bit about the Business Entrepreneur theme. Why did you pick this theme?

Julie: I shot a business team last year, with a part more formal and a part more creative. I worked as a designer myself so I can really relate with the more fun vibrant colourful side of the business. That is why this year we decided to shoot fashion designers, architects, young entrepreneurs, and co-working themes.

Business Entrepreneur 3Business Entrepreneur 4







CEF: Where was the shoot held?

Julie:We shot in two locations: a high end furniture showroom and a creative business office. Both locations were in the same amazing building, which was ideal in term of practicality. A big thanks needs to be given to Bruce Burnett, president of Antrev for granting us access to those sites.

CEF:  Who was involved in the shoot?

Julie: We were a team of 16 people, so some thanks are in order. Thank you to Renaud Robert who was the second photographer, our models Kim Tran, Julie Brière Beauchesne, Ronel Moug, Julie Katharina Langelier, Kesia Lagacé, Yazid Harmali, Raphaël Richard, and Raza Khan, stylist Valérie Brousseau, makeup artist Sana Mrad, production assistant Izabela Desda, photography assistant Christian Théus, and, videographer Jon Gorsozlu!

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CEF: What was the environment like at the shoot?

Julie: The mood on set was so great and so much fun. As always, Christian Théus, our photography assistant was there to make everyone smile. We pretty much laughed all day, enough that one of the challenge of the day was getting those serious expressions. By the end of the day, it felt like we were a big family!

Photos from the shoot will soon be available on the Compassionate Eye Foundation Getty Images collection and revenues earned will support international health, education, and sustainability projects