Join us for the Summer Solstice Shoots 2010

Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) and the producers of the annual Summer Solstice Shoots in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Vancouver in Canada, are asking for your support. We need models of all ages and ethnicity





  • Families (parents 30's-50's, kids ages 5-16)
  • Grandparents (60's-70's)
  • Real multi-generational families a plus!
  • Young Adults (ages 18-24)
  • Men (ages 20's-70)
  • Women (ages 20-70)
  • Kids (ages 5-17)

Furthermore we are looking for






  • photo assistants
  • digital assistants
  • wardrobe stylists
  • prop stylists
  • hair & makeup
  • production assistants
  • caterers

For more information please contact via email in:

  • Los Angeles, Andrea Rosenfeld,