Thank you for 10 amazing years!

  Compassionate Eye Foundation rallies creative professionals worldwide to use their skills to generate revenue for projects that empower developing nations to thrive.  Whether you contribute your skills, make a donation, volunteer or purchase one of our images - you are helping change the lives of people worldwide!

This year we are celebrating 10 years of creative impact. Through image sales, we have raised close to $2 million to help improve access to education, health services and tools for economic sustainability in developing nations. Thank you to all the creative professionals, crews, volunteers, partners and donors who have joined us to help make a positive difference!

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Thank you to the following for their support in the creation of our 10 year anniversary video: Steven Smith - editor Kate Stevens and Philippa Cooper - creative direction Michael Ghent - script writing and direction Tish Iceton - narration Kids International Development Society - Cambodian video footage.