Healthy Pregnancies for the Mayan-Mam Women & Helping the Elderly Find Support

By Rey Buenaventura for The Compassionate Eye Foundation After three successful years, Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) is proud to announce its continued support of two small-scale, community directed projects headed by the Canada-Comitancillo Alliance for Rural Health, otherwise known as Alianza. Out of a desire to enact positive change for the women of Comitancillo, Guatemala, Alianza has developed both the Prenatal/Post delivery Health & Education Program & the Grandmothers Program. Both programs aim to empower mothers and grandmothers who lack sufficient economic resources, information and knowledge to make positive decisions about their health & well-being.

Living in an area with almost non-existent health services, Comitancillo’s expectant mothers often suffer from serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which puts them at increased risk of giving birth to babies that are predisposed to serious infections and delayed development. The Prenatal/Post delivery Health & Education Program aims to teach family planning methods, provide a forum for mutual support and reduce the likelihood of newborn illness and mortality due to malnutrition. This program is designed to help support 20 economically vulnerable women who are expecting their first child. The women taking part in the twelve month program are provided with essential supplies, such as nutritional supplements, healthy snacks, baby clothes and blankets. As well, they receive educational support to empower them with the knowledge they need to have a successful pregnancy.

The Grandmother’s Group Program is a health & education program that seeks to create a safe and welcoming environment for some of the region’s most socially isolated & economically vulnerable women aged 65 or over. Through a series of monthly meetings, the Grandmother’s Group creates a cooperative, support network that allows the women to share their personal stories in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Local health & community professionals are also invited to speak on various issues of concern. As well, the women are provided with essential supplies such as medications & basic foods to reduce the effects of malnutrition.

CEF is pleased that its continuing partnership with Alianza is having a positive impact on the Mayan-Mam communities in Guatemala. We wish to thank all of CEF’s supporters for their assistance & contribution in making this project a success. 100% of the funds provided by CEF go directly to both Alianza’s programs. We also wish to thank all of CEF’s supporters for their assistance & contribution in making these projects a reality.

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