Our Impact


Creativity for the greater good

Behind every Compassionate Eye Foundation stock photo is another picture made brighter. Funds generated by stock photos purchased through Getty Images help worthwhile charities tackle the basic life challenges of health, education, and sustainability in developing countries. Since 2006 CEF has funded vital projects and programs that help communities thrive. The list includes water filtration systems to reduce sickness and disease, floating clinics for access to medical care via river or lake, and new schools and classrooms equipped with desks, blackboards, and books to foster life-long learning. Helping communities to help themselves, CEF also funds training, tools, and mentorship that turn everyday skills into profitable business ventures that benefit entire communities. Be sure to check out our blog for more information on our projects!

The Rocham school (funded by CEF) is much more than children’s education, it also provides hope for the future of the entire community.
— Karma Sherpa, Rocham, Nepal