Our Story


Harnessing the power of pictures to change the world

 It started with one photographer’s dream to make a difference in the developing world. Deeply moved by the poverty he saw on travels to South Africa and Cambodia, photographer Robert Kent set out with a simple, yet powerful, plan to help. He decided that on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, he would shoot a series of stock photos and donate the royalties generated from sales of those photos to support social causes. In 2005, he approached Getty Images with his unique vision for a foundation that would use this royalty-based funding model to fulfill its mission, and soon after the Compassionate Eye Foundation was born.

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Our Founder

Robert Kent

Ten years into a successful stock photography career, Robert Kent knew something important was missing in his life. That void was filled when he envisioned a way to leverage his photography skills for social good. The extreme poverty and living conditions he witnessed in some of the world’s poorest countries spurred him into action. He would tap into the creative community in his hometown of Vancouver, BC, Canada, with a simple, effective plan to help - shoot stock images, submit them to Getty Images, and donate the royalties to worthwhile charities.


Our Funding Model

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