The Bright Future of CEF

CEF is 12 years old and at our AGM recently, we brought on five new Board members. Five folks, from a variety of walks of life, so captivated by our mission and our work that they put up their hand and said “sure, I’ll volunteer to help in whatever way you need me." And need them we do. CEF is getting more complex and involved in so many things that we need these dynamic, skilled people. So thank you to them, to all 16 Board members and a special shout out to all of the former Board members who still keep us in their hearts. You know who you are.

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EditorialDan Rogers
Sweet Success on Centre Court

What child can resist playing with a ball? We discover that joy early in life as we learn to bounce, catch, kick, throw, and chase after them in pursuit of fun.

For a group of 10 to 12-year-old girls in Cantón Bella Vista, Guatemala, the pursuit of fun and basketball has led to champion status in their community, and they have the Compassionate Eye Foundation to thank for getting the ball rolling.

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Marianne J. Dupre
A hand up, not a hand out

One of CEF’s newest partners, Winds of Change, is returned recently to complete its project in Pedro Arauz - a small community of approximately 80 families that is located in rural Nicaragua. While Winds of Change has been developing a relationship with this community for some time, this is CEF’s first opportunity to learn about its environment and people - to evaluate its needs, and to assess the impact of this project on its peoples’ quality of life.

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