LA kicks off CEF Summer Solstice shoots

The stage is set.  Compassionate Eye Foundation's Summer Solstice LA shoot is scheduled for June 10th. Crews are coming together, a location has been chosen and this year's line-up of photographers are gearing up to make a difference -- with a day of creativity.

The event is possible thanks to the time and talents of our volunteers. Says CEF founder Robert Kent, "We are so grateful to have such a talented and giving community of volunteers."

Each year, on or around the Summer Solstice (June 21st), our crews put in their longest day of the year creating stock photographs for our funding model. With our partner Getty Images, the royalties from the sale of images help build schools, support health initiatives and promote sustainability in developing nations.

This year, shoots are scheduled for Los Angeles, Vancouver and London. With the help of our new North American art director, Sarah Hunter, and production coordinator, Rob Daly -- co-founder of Ojo Images -- each shoot will focus on specific topics, among them seniors, medical, business and lifestyle.

Stay tuned, there's a lot going on at CEF.

One day, One world, One goal. Join us.