Doug reports live from the LA Shoot location!

Doug Moore, our Communications Chair is reporting live from the LA shoot location. Here are his thoughts and observations: Its a beautiful hazy day in Malibu, which creates a big soft box for a shoot.

The motivating challenge for the day is to create images that sell. It requires everyone being on the same page creatively and like shooting a movie in stills.

Doug was able to catch three of our amazing photographers in action!

Robert Kent is shooting in the house with a family getting great portrait images. The decor creates a great, simple backdrop.

Monashee Frantz is out in the yard shooting a couple interacting on the porch.

Tim Pannell has been shooting by the pool with some kids and bubbles. Now who doesn't like bubbles.

Stay tuned for more live updates!

(edited by Tamania J. Naqi - Social Media Coordinator)





hazy day creates big soft box for shoot.