Robert Kent - On Location at the LA Shoot

Doug got a chance to chat with Robert Kent and here is what he had to say: Doug: "So how's it going?" RK: "It's going great, the location is very deep in images and the models are on. Just a  fun vibe all around. I would say we are getting more shots than expected."

Doug: "How does it compare to last year?" RK:  "Seems more focused. I think we are learning and getting better with each year. There's a great team spirit."

Doug: "Hows the crew?" RK: "Everyone seems to get the mission, many are returning, so they know the program."

Doug: "How are the models?" RK: "I think the buzz on the street is that CEF is a good gig. They trust us and really pitch in."

Doug: "Do you like the big mega shoot?" RK: "Love it. Love the synergy, the variety of models, various resources and I think it builds a sense of community."

Doug: "What would you say to others?" RK: "Join us. There are so many ways to be a part of the community."