Live Blogging Continues at the LA Shoot! - Talking to Monashee Frantz

Doug caught a hold of Monashee Frantz at the shoot and here is what she had to say! Doug: "How's it going?" MF: "It's going well. Everyone has good energy and there's a great positive vibe."

Doug: "How are the models doing?" MF: "Great. There's a lot of good chemistry. Many of them are returning, which is a lot of fun."

Doug: "What do you think of the location?" MF: "Haven't actually even seen the whole house yet. There is definitely lots to work with - yard, pool, porches, etc."

Doug: "How does it compare to last year?" MF: "Last year was smaller, lots of crew in different locations. But every year is unique, with its own vibe which makes it interesting and creatively inspiring."

Doug: "What do like most about working on CEF shoots?" MF: "I like that we all come together and just make it work, everyone pitches in. It's their one day to make a difference."