Gabriela Medina, CEF Photographer in Paris

Meet Gabriela Medina, from Caracas, Venezuela.  She has two passions: travelling and photography.  "I live life relating everything to photography and knowing what I do can help others, makes me love photography even more." Gabriela has loved photography ever since she was a child, and she was just twelve-years-old when she knew photography was her path in life.  After Gabriela started working with Blend Images in Los Angeles, she met Robert Kent.  He introduced her to CEF's work and she fell in love with the idea of helping people through her photography.

Gabriela's favourite city is Paris, where one of our shoots of "Students in Paris" just took place.  Shot in front of the Eiffel Tower and at the Champs de Mars, Gabriela explains, "I encourage my friends to be enthusiastic, truth is contagious, and it's beautiful when people get involved and feel compassion for others."  Gabriela was a solo photographer for CEF in Paris, capturing her classmates and a professor.

Why does Gabriela like being involved with CEF?  "Knowing... that people are benefiting, that each time it grows and one day, I would love to have the children and elders of my country enjoy the support provided by our foundation."

¡Gracias por su maravilloso trabajo, Gabriela!

Thank you for your wonderful work, Gabriela!

Please visit Gabriela's website to see more of her work.