CEF 2011 Now Happening in Toronto!

Leah Yee, CEF Social Media Coordinator

We are very excited to announce that the highly anticipated Toronto Summer Solstice shoot will be taking place on July 12th. After the success of the Paris and Los Angeles shoots, we are looking forward to seeing many more amazing images from the lead photographer, Dean Sanderson.

CEF has been fortunate to gain access to a highly exclusive, secret location that is sure to create a stunning backdrop for some fantastic photos.  This place is one of the most beautiful of its kind in all of Canada. Few photographers will ever have the chance to work in this venue, so this is an exciting opportunity for Dean and the team to shoot some unique images. While we cannot divulge the location (yet!), we can say that it is a perfect choice for this year’s choice of creative concept, which is focused on the idea of business and casual travel.

Throughout the day, a team of models, stylists and assistants will work to set-up and capture the perfect shots to bring our unique concept to life. We are thrilled to be, once again, working with models from the Fulcher Agency and Profile Model & Talent as well as stylists from Push Creative Management. Everyone involved in this shoot is looking forward to getting creative, so that  great photographs will continue to help those in need!

Stay tuned to hear more about this amazing, innovative shoot and discover more about our top-secret location!