Welcome Tamania, CEF's Twitter Spokesperson

Barbara Veres, CEF Social Media Coordinator

CEF would like to welcome our new Twitter spokesperson and Social Media Coordinator Tamania Jaffri-Naqi (@tamaniaJ).  Tamania earned an MBA at Lahore University of Management Sciences, one of the finest business schools in Asia.  She also has a Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences, and several years of experience in marketing, communications and product management in both for-profit and non-profit industries.  In her last position, she worked as a Marketing Specialist with the Alberta Diabetes Foundation, a non-profit generating funds for diabetes research at the University of Alberta.

Originally from Pakistan, Tamania has been involved in volunteering for health and education in villages for more than twelve years.  So, when she learned about the opportunity after moving to Canada, the cause of CEF was close to her heart.  "I loved the creative giving concept of CEF! [One] day I was looking at remote volunteering opportunities and came across the one for CEF. It was a match made in cyber heaven."

"Volunteering with CEF gives me the opportunity to continue supporting the causes of health and education in developing countries, and given [my] marketing background, [I] plan to spread the message of CEF successfully through social media.  I would love to see the CEF brand and its projects get more visibility through an integrated communications effort. Specific to social media, I see us actively involved with our audiences and highly integrated in an online community."

On a personal front, Tamania and her husband have recently moved to Calgary after living in Edmonton and Regina.  They were blessed with a baby girl last year, named Zeynab, who continues to brighten their lives every day. When she can make time, Tamania loves to read, travel, write, cook, and swim.

Follow us on twitter @CEFoundation, we have exciting plans for this year's summer solstice shoots!