Interview with CEF Veteran Model Hugo

Kevin got a chance for a quick chat with Hugo, on location at the London Shoot today. Check it out below: KCM: How many years have you been participating in photo-shoots for CEF?

Hugo: I think this is the third year I've been here, and the first one must have been literally the very first one they had in London four or five years ago.

KCM: How did you first get involved?

Hugo: I've worked with Rob and quite a few of the other photographers that set up OJO, and they contacted me directly from there.  We did some pretty mad stuff the first time, and the second time it was a huge production. This is the first time my family has been involved, [it worked well] because of the theme, but I've worked with Fiona (the producer) several times before with my family, so she knew us.

KCM: What are your thoughts on the cause?

Hugo: It's great to see the photographers and crew contributing and making a difference – it's not just about business. They always really look after everyone involved and it's really nice working with them, they always manage to have a good bit of fun as well.

(In this photo below- Photographer Rob Daly with Hugo, Tabitha and Rollo)