London Shoot- End of Day Report

Kevin Moore continues reporting from Day 1 at the London Shoot Location: After lunch everyone was back to work: David Oxberry was shooting a birthday party scene in the living room, while Philippa Cooper took more headshots. Rob Daly set up in the bedroom; everyone awwwed over baby Summer when she arrived for a scene with her mommy.

Around 3 there was an unexpected spot of rain, which resulted in a mad dash outside to move lights and equipment. Rob continued upstairs with a 'breakfast in bed' scene while the birthday party had moved on to cakes – each kid got a turn blowing out the candles.  Philippa got some great shots of baby Summer and mommy before she went off for a nap, and Rob Daly finished up the day with a family breakfast shot... at 5pm.

All in all, spirits were high and the team got loads of great shots.  Everyone's looking forward to tomorrow's shoot in east London!