Katie Huisman Brings the Summer Solstice back to Vancouver!

  Arianna Dametto & Leah Yee, Social Media Coordinators

The Compassionate Eye Foundation brought the ongoing 2011 Summer Solstice home with a fantastic photo shoot with Vancouver-based freelance photographer and filmmaker Katie Huisman.

The shoot took place on August 19th at the Rick Hansen Institute, who generously donated the space to Katie and her crew for the day. The Rick Hansen Institute building was described by Katie as “inspiring” with its “large panes of glass, line repetition and curves in the architecture”. The space and atmosphere perfectly complimented Katie’s theme of medical and business portraits.

Katie became involved with CEF four years ago when she took up an opportunity to photo-assist for CEF founder and director, Robert Kent.  Robert is an inspiration for all of us at CEF, including Katie who admires his “positive spirit and the level of focus and ease he encompasses while working.”

As we continue with the Summer Solstice shoots, it is amazing to look back over previous years and see all the work we have accomplished. Being a part of The CEF is a rewarding experience shared by all of its volunteers. Katie herself puts it best: "The desire to make positive change brings together an amazing group of talented people, it is so exciting to see the result of this collaboration each year".

Many thanks to the Rick Hansen Institute and to Katie and all of her crew!

Check out Katie's Website here!