CEF Gets Set for 2012: A Note from our New Board Chair, Dan Rogers

Tuesday March 13th marked the beginning of a new era for Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF). During our Annual General Meeting (AGM) that day, we confirmed current board members, voted in new ones and most importantly set forth a new structure for CEF that will help us reach a new level of growth.  

More about the New Structure

After much discussion, we voted in a structure that is slimmed down on the executive level and much embellished on the 'action end.'  The action end is comprised of three “Pillars” known as the Communications Pillar, Revenue Generation Pillar and Projects Pillar.  Each pillar has its own Chair and functions to provide better support to one another, improve communications both internally and externally, and to make better use of our rich talent pool. By focusing our attention into these three key action areas, we are coordinating  our efforts and – most importantly – increasing our results. A big thank you to all who worked so diligently to make sense of it!


So Who are our New Board members?

Part of our growth and transition plan involves injecting additional talent to the board. Either by pulling from our ranks or soliciting strong community talent, our goal is to create a body of resourceful individuals whose collective being will take CEF to new levels of success. The line up of new members includes: Vancouver locals Andrea Dowd-Dever, currently a highly regarded event planner; Leah Lockhart, a resourceful community relations pro in the Health services arena, as well as current CEF Communications team member; Denis Hughes , a successful business management executive and Barbara Veres, who has a long resume of foundation and humanitarian work. We look forward to the infusion of new skills, energy, and commitment. Welcome.


A Shout Out to our Departing Board Members

As excited as we are about the new structure and board members who have joined us, we are equally sad to have three strong board members leaving us this year – Tiara Letourneau, Matthew Pattinson and Walter Merida – who have each given much to further the cause of CEF. Their tireless efforts have helped establish many of our partnerships and projects. Thank you for your time and committment! You will be missed!


Other Board Updates and News

Part of our restructuring also involved appointing new positions and confirming a few existing ones, including transitioning Robert Brown from his role as Board Chair to his new role as Revenue Generation Chair. As Board Chair for the past few years, Robert helped guide us toward growth and set us on track for success. Fortunately we get to keep him and his considerable talents.  We also want to take this opportunity to thank him for all he has done to date. Other appointments/confirmations are listed below.

  • Chair – Dan Rogers
  • Secretary – Andrea Dowd-Dever
  • Treasurer – Michael Glogowsky
  • Communications Chair – Doug Moore
  • Projects Chair – Sue Dick
  • Revenue Generation Chair – Robert Brown

Other board member continuing service include Founder and contributing Board member, Robert Kent; board members Nancy Wardle and Rob Daly.


A Final Thought

As the new Chair, I look forward to championing our efforts and working with the talented volunteers that make up CEF. There is much to do and many successes ahead. If you're interested in learning more about CEF or becoming a volunteer, please visit our website or feel free to contact us. It takes a community to help a community.

Dan Rogers