Meet Fiona Watson and a Look at 2012

By Doug Moore, CEF Communications Chair  

Fiona Watson, CEF’s Global Art Director and Production Coordinator

Read.Set.Shoot.2012It's with great enthusiasm that I introduce Fiona Watson to our greater CEF community.  Fiona is an accomplished freelance producer and art director who has worked for various stock agencies and individual photographers throughout the world.  Joining us mid stream last year, Fiona has rallied our efforts and produced independent shoots in Vancouver, Toronto and our biggest endeavor – London.

Her contributions included art directing self produced shoots for Katie Huisman, Dean Sanderson and Steven Errico - providing advice on their casting and styling, supplying detailed shoot lists and other relevant visuals. Her work also encompassed art direction and production of three shoot days, each with four photographers, in London. These shoots produced just over 500 images for CEF

“I came into CEF last year, having worked with Rob Daly, Chris Ryan and most of the OJO guys for many years. I felt honored that they asked me and I am very proud of the contribution I was able to make.”

For the last eight years, she  has worked as a producer/art director for various photo stock agencies, such as Telegraph Colour Library, VCG, Getty Images, Digital Vision, Corbis, Stockbyte, Masterfile and OJO Images. Adding to her extensive stock photography experience, Fiona has also done production work for various advertising agencies and fashion catalogs, both globally and domestically. Fiona is a perfect fit for Compassionate Eye Foundation and our mission. You can see more of her work at



A Note from Fiona Watson - Ready. Set. Shoot. 2012.

After a successful 2011 shoot season, our goal is for CEF to up the ante. Last year saw shoots in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, London and Paris that generated over 700 images. This year our goal is to increase the number of productions by engaging returning crews and adding new top tier photographers in additional cities. We’d love to add Miami, Chicago, New York -- to name a few just in the U.S. Themes we’re looking to cover include: Corporate Business, Creative Business, Heath Care and Medical, Three Generational Family Lifestyle, Family Activity/Health, Studio Concepts.

The key to this aggressive plan is the concerted efforts of photographers and their producers to pull together locations, talent and crews willing to give their time and talents to help make a difference. Our role will be to help in the art direction and creative guidance to  ensure the shoots are successful, not only in producing quality saleable images but in providing our crews with a rewarding and productive experience.

In addition, we’re looking for a few good sponsors. To add to our limited production budget, our goal is to partner with corporate sponsors that ideally are capable of funding one of our larger productions.  Such support would enable us to generate even more images and more revenue for our mission. It’s a great opportunity for a company or corporation to give something back.

So, if you’re a stock shooter interested in contributing energies and resources to a shoot or a producer with great connections and a stable of talented crew, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re a model, stylist, makeup artist, photo tech to name a few with a desire to join a community making a difference, I’d love to hear from you. And, if you know of or have connections to a potential corporate sponsor, I’d love to hear from you.

It takes a community to help a community.


Fiona Watson