Ready, Set, Shoot! with Steve Coleman

by Rey Buenaventura, CEF Social Media Manager  

2012 is shaping up to be one of CEF’s biggest years for summer photo shoots!  As part of our Ready, Set, Shoot! campaign, we’re proud to announce that the multi-talented, Steve Coleman has agreed to start off our 2012 photo shoots in London, England.  Steve has had a long and varied career in the visual arts, having worked in the areas of special effects, 3D modeling and video production.  Photography, however, is Steve's true passion and first love.   At the young age of fifteen, Steve started taking his camera to music concerts and began learning how to shoot in low light.  From there, Steve became fanatical about the creative medium and started teaching himself many of the skills he now uses to take amazing photographs for his clients.

Steve’s involvement with CEF began in 2006 when he assisted on Martin Barraud's CEF photo shoot.  From there, he saw the tremendous potential that CEF had in generating much-needed funds to support health & education projects around the world.   Two years later, Steve did his first photo shoot for CEF, which was a sports-themed shoot that has been picked up by Getty Images for sale on their CEF page.

Fast-forward to 2012, Steve Coleman is both honoured and excited that he is starting the first of what is looking to be at least six summer photo shoots.   The theme of his shoot this year is ‘Baby Love,’ which is a subject that CEF has not generated many stock photos from due to the complexity of setting up such a shoot. Although he’s admittedly afraid that the babies will take control of the shoot, Steve is looking forward to the challenge and is ready-and-willing to work around each baby's schedule in order to get the perfect shot.  To set up such a complex shoot, Steve has enlisted the help of his Three Images partner, photographer Stavros Constantinou, the Elizabeth Smith modeling agency, Street Studios, his daughter Alex, and CEF’s Fiona Watson.

When asked what motivates him to do what he does, Steve notes,  "by getting involved with CEF, I thought I could do these shoots and generate revenue instead of just giving money.  CEF has a lot volunteers who aren’t working for money.  With CEF, your input makes a bigger impact on the ground… you get a lot more aid for the buck than just putting money in a tin.  If an area needs a school, it goes there.”

If you’re interested in finding our more about Steve’s work, check out his website:  You can also find Steve on Facebook.