"We are not Heroes or Brave"

Sentiments echoed by all of our traveling colleagues. A trip that seemed courageous and adventuresome at home, proved to be a humbling and grounding experience that we are all just starting to understand. Born out of a desire to see first hand the results of our efforts, our travelers embarked at their own expense on a mission to attend the opening of a CEF supported school project in Zambia.

From the stories they relayed, it soon became obvious they were immersed in a world we really only know from what we read, hear or see in pictures. An experience of realities that one is rarely prepared for.

Realities of determination, poverty, hope, injustices, beauty, history and overwhelming need – to name just a few. Experiences that are not easily put into words, but that our CEF team did beautifully.

So heroes or not, their efforts to bring insight into our mission is a heartfelt testament to the integrity of our community and the importance of our cause.

On behalf of CEF, we would like to thank our traveling team for being our eyes and ears.


Doug Moore Communications Chair Compassionate Eye Foundation