Ready.Set.Shoot.2012 - Vancouver Shoot with Steven Errico, Jessica Biesler, Shea Pollard and Ola Cholewa!

  Rey Buenaventura, Social Media Manager

Ready.Set.Shoot.Vancouver2012After our CEF Africa trip, it's become even more apparent that the CEF community needs to do more to support the many worthwhile health and education projects that are needed around the world.  To do this, we rely on the hundreds of volunteers who donate their time, talents and energy during our CEF Summer Photo Shoot campaigns.  During this amazing time, a community of professional photographers, models, and producers from Paris to L.A. come together to help us get the best photos to raise money for our projects.  This year, we've already had the fantastic 'Baby Love' photo shoot with Steve Coleman in London England.  Now, we hear from our Global Art Director and Production Coordinator, Fiona Watson, that an amazing one-day, four-photographer shoot is happening in Vancouver on Wednesday!   Read below for more details!


Dear All,
Welcome home those who have been travelling.   I have been following your journey on the blog and was deeply moved!  This officially announces we are good to go for CEF Vancouver with Steve Errico, Jessica Biesler, Shea Pollard and Ola Cholewa! The shoot will be a large cross media production comprised of stills and film footage.  The shoot will be a collage of different themes comprised of an outdoor lifestyles shoot, an indoor shoot, a garden family shoot, a food shoot, and studio shots of all the models.
This shoot is to take place at Byron Smith's farm on Wednesday 8th August with a cast of 12 models,  The producer is the marvelous Amy Jones.  I think that;s all for now.   More news of another London shoot, a L.A. shoot and a Vancouver shoot with Katie Huisman should be coming along soon.  It is all happening!!