Our Biggest London Summer Shoot Ever - CEF Capital City!

by Kevin Moore, CEF Contributor Our biggest London shoot this year featured six photographers, a film crew, 30 crew members and 47 models. We managed to fit everyone in at Capital City Academy in northwest London - a very modern looking school that could convincingly double as a business center. This was one of the biggest CEF summer photo shoots to date, with everyone able to get a variety of great shots in the same location.  Here's how it all went down!

In the morning we had Chris Ryan and Martin Barraud shooting educational scenes in the library and cafeteria with young students and teenagers.  I'm afraid it was back-to-school early for those kids! At the same time, Chris Newton was outside shooting several expert sportsmen, while Justin Pumfrey was working his natural light magic with a group of business people.  Rob Daly spent most of the morning roaming around, grabbing bonus shots as he went.  Meanwhile, Russell Duncan was shooting white background portraits with all the models and finally Steve Smith filmed business scenes in the incredible main hallway.

By lunchtime everyone was fully in the swing of things with no major issues holding anyone back. We could all tell that  the day was going to yield a lot of really high quality material for CEF.  After lunch Martin Barraud took advantage of the great weather we've been having in London and moved outside with a group of school children. Chris Ryan then got set up with a classroom of students.  Luckily for Chris, one of our adult models was also a teacher so she had no problem keeping the children on task!  Chris Newton spent the afternoon with our talented sports models in the spacious gymnasium.  Meanwhile Justin Pumfrey took advantage of the interesting architecture of the location, shooting business scenes on the upper levels of the main corridor. Steve Smith then turned the cafeteria into a business lobby for more filming, while Russell Duncan continued with head shots.  Finally, Rob Daly spent his afternoon on each shoot to pick up extra shots.

Overall, the day progressed incredibly smoothly thanks in large part to the wonderful production team. Our stylists also did a great job of managing the scores of kids and adults, while the photographers and their crews were really focused on capturing great images. At the end of the day, Fiona Watson (our producer and CEF's Creative Director) estimated that we probably added at least 400 images to the CEF library on Getty, which will ultimately result in the possibility of many great new projects around the world!  We'll be posting some great behind-the-scenes shots on our Facebook and Flickr page, so stay tuned for that!