Q&A with Vancouver Photographer Katie Huisman

by Tamania J. Naqi, Social Media Coordinator Our 2012 Summer Photo Shoot continues in Vancouver, Canada with the fabulous Katie Huisman.  Earlier this week, CEF had a chance to talk with Katie before her CEF shoot and here are some fun parts of the conversation for all of you.

CEF: How did you get started with photography and how long have you been doing it?

Katie: I discovered photography and the darkroom in high school when my dad passed down his Konica SLR to me.  At 15 I built a darkroom in our family's second bathroom and my obsession with photography really evolved from there. I studied photography at the Alberta College of Art and Design for four years and then went on to do an internship at a photography studio in Auckland, New Zealand where I had the opportunity to travel and assist a variety of international photographers.  The experience I've obtained through assisting has been invaluable in succeeding with my own freelance business which I began full time in 2006.

CEF: How do you find inspiration in your life for your work?

Katie: I find inspiration for my life and work through the exploration of culture and history. I'm inspired by contemporary art and antiquarian aesthetics.  I regularly give public lectures on the history of photography & contemporary art and this directly influences my creative work.

CEF: What has been the most exciting project this past one year and why?

Katie: The most exciting project this year?  Well, CEF is definitely one of my favorite and most rewarding annual projects — but at the moment I am just in the final stages of completing a film project where I have directed, filmed and edited a documentary dance film featuring a master contemporary Butoh dancer, Barbara Bourget.  It is important for me to work on creative projects that are based around the recording and preserving of culture and the arts and this piece is just one in an ongoing series.

CEF: How did you get involved with CEF and what drives your motivation to volunteer?

Katie: I had the opportunity to get involved in CEF through the founder Robert Kent, who I used to photo-assist several years ago.   Rob has been a great inspiration to me.  I actually started volunteering as a child & teen with the guidance of my mother and now as an adult continue to recognize that people need help.  I have been involved with many charity organizations over the years but what I really love about CEF is the amazing people it brings together each year. Throughout the rest of the year I receive constant updates, emails and news about the difference CEF is making and how much money is being raised by our imagery.  This is a huge reward for me.

CEF: What's the theme for the CEF shoot this year and why did you pick it?

Katie: The concept I've chosen for this shoot is 'Healthy Active Lifestyle, Connection to Nature and the Forest.'  It is important for me to contribute work to the advertising world that promotes a clean lifestyle and healthy sense of well-being.

CEF: Any details on location and team?

Katie: We are shooting in the forest and trails in and around Stanley Park, a location that I am very inspired by and familiar with as I live just blocks away.   I've got a wonderful crew in place: My main photo-assistant Manuel Espinosa, stylist Jodie Abrams, Makeup Artist Jackie Pierre and a talented group of Actors, Denise Pillott who has modeled for CEF a few times in the past years, Samer Salem and Delia Tatiana.

We'll have lots more to share after Katie and crew have their CEF shoot on September 2, 2012!  Stay tuned and share the news!