Byron Smith Farm Summer Photo Shoot Wrap-Up

by Cale Simpson, CEF Social Media Coordinator  

The day finally came, the sun showed up, the crew was able to attend, and the pictures were ready to be taken. Our location, if you have any affinity for rural country life, was a waking dream.  At the entrance was a barn that had been converted to a multi-media studio, complete with kitchen, office, den, and dining area. This was the epicenter of Greenhouse Photographix, run by Byron Smith, who is both photographer and proprietor. Besides the expanse of green pastures that were situated behind the residences, there were two houses; a quaint white one that was more of a guest house, and a brick, ivy, and porch ode to countryside living.  Simply put, Scarborough Farm was beautiful.

All three locations were used for shooting. Mauricio Orozco primarily worked in the photography studio, whereas Jessica Beisler and Steven Errico worked in the pasture area and around the main house.

Everyone that volunteered their expertise and time were truly professional, and a joy to be around.  CEF is a fantastic cause, and the desire to help was evident throughout the day.  Despite the beautiful location, the weather made the conditions a little difficult to work.  Because of the heat, shade became premium real estate, and the make-up artists were constantly having to do touch-ups to make the models look their best.  The good news is that everyone survived thanks to our host, Byron Smith, and our producer Amy Jones - both of whom made sure that there was enough water and food to go around and that every scene was on schedule.

All in all, it was a successful photoshoot, hopefully one that produces revenue resources to continue funding badly needed health and education projects throughout the world. If the images are anything like the quality of people involved, I know they will.  Thanks again everyone!