Another Email from K.I.D.S. International - Big Projects on the Way!

by Rey Buenaventura, CEF Social Media Manager CEF has been very priviliged to have worked on many wonderful projects with Rick & Adrienne Dartnell of K.I.D.S. International.  With 2013 just beginning, we're happy to announce that there are many more big projects on the way in Cambodia!  Read below for the latest updates!

Hello Everyone,

DSC03350We are keeping busy here working on several fronts in the city, the countryside and out on the lake. The water projects at the two schools are coming along nicely and will be completed in a about three weeks time. We recently went out to the schools in the countryside to check on the progress of the water projects. Our experience out at the schools is always very pleasant and gratifying and this time was no different... When we arrived the children and community members were waiting for us with many packets of seeds and seedlings [to plant in the new school vegetable garden]. We were soon all working together and made short work of the task. We planted cucumbers, melons, tomatoes and several other types of local greens. When we finished it was time for the children to sit and eat the warm corn cobs we brought as a treat and a good time was had by all.

DSCN2685The rice bank, which is almost complete, looks fantastic and the water tower and filtration system are really coming along nicely. On our way out to the schools we noticed that all the standing water and small ponds... have mostly dried up and water will become more and more scarce in the weeks to come, so the completion of the water projects will be very timely.

ADSCN2636t lunch time we went into the small thatched classroom and met with the teachers, school administrators, village chief and several other community members [who] volunteer to help their children. Over lunch we spoke of how together we are transforming these schools, strengthening the community and changing the future for their children. We talked about their lives and how the genocide had taken so much from them: their loved ones, there childhood and the opportunity to have an education; as they were just trying to survive during and after the Khmere Rouge...  We asked them if they would like to have adult literacy courses in the evening, since the water system being powered by solar will have enough power to light the classrooms.  They were very excited about this possibility and it was moving to see there faces and eyes light up, especially the women who would've had even less of a chance for an education than the boys. Over the past few years the school has become the hub of the community and for many children it is a safe haven. Little by little the school has [gained]: a hot lunch program, fencing, gardens, clean water, a rice bank and school supplies!  [All] this was made possible by your generosity and support, so we pass on their heartfelt thanks!


Adrienne & Rick