More Stories from K.I.D.S. International - Small Donations that Make a Big Difference

Rey Buenaventura, CEF Social Media Manager

Compassionate Eye Foundation

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference in someone's life.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the stories shared by Adrienne & Rick Dartnell of K.I.D.S. International. CEF has been a big supporter, partner and friend of K.I.D.S. International and we've always felt inspired when we hear how much good work the Dartnells are undertaking. Below are some stories we'd like to share with all of you.

Dear Friends, 

There is a small family who lives on our street. Sompea, [and] her mother... live together with Sompea's little girl Srey Moa who is five. They work all day long from dawn to late into the evening most every day of the week so [that] they can educate and clothe [Srey Moa]. They live in the shop/house which is one very small room . Everyday we walk past they smile, chat, laugh and never complain. We have helped them in the past with a new sewing machine and this year K.I.D.S. has sponsored the little girl for a year's worth of tuition at a better school. The family are thrilled and it is great to see the little one go off to school in her uniform...she is teaching her Mom English!
Vanna, a man who lost both of his arms below the elbows to a land-mine, refuses to beg for a living - as many disabled people [in Cambodia] are forced to do. He stands by the side of the road day in day out and sells books out of a small cart while his wife does washing. They have two young daughters that we will sponsor for another year of education. 
Our regular tuk tuk (a small passenger trailer that is pulled by a motorcycle) driver for the past four years, whom we have gone on many missions with, has been saving to replace his [rickety old] motorcycle... This year, [we noticed that] the motorcycle was in a very sorry condition. He had saved a fair bit towards a new bike, but it was easy to see that the machine was deteriorating faster than the savings were accumulating. KIDS topped up his savings and he is now the very proud owner of a much newer bike that will allow him to continue to support his wife and two small kids for years to come. His wife was going to use the old motorcycle to get to market and take the kids to school but it breathed it's last gasp a week after it was retired, so its replacement was timely. The family insisted we have lunch with them at their home.... [a] one room flat, which only had two mattresses, also on the floor. We talked, ate and had some laughs and they asked us to pass on their thanks.  
Sopeak [is a] girl that KIDS supports for education, who has... hearing problems.  She will [soon] graduate from grade twelve in a couple of months. We went to their house in the countryside to visit and have lunch.  She is doing very well with her English. Her family works very hard and are very poor. They are always incredibly kind to us and do their best to keep enough food on the table for the seven of them. A few years ago Sopeak had the opportunity to learn to sew with an organization and [she] proudly showed us several shirts that she had made for herself and family members.  However her family could not afford a treadle sewing machine. With funds donated we  went out and bought her one and some material to make some clothes. Sopeak was very happy and said the first shirt she would make would be for her father as he works so hard. 
We have much more to tell but will wait for a later time...
All the Best,
Adrianne and Rick