Project Update: Malaforia Primary School

By Leah Lockhart, Communications Chair Malaforia primary school

We are delighted to have received photos of the celebration of the Malaforia Primary School opening in Sierra Leone from our friends at CAUSE Kids. This project was first announced earlier this year this year, and it is fantastic news that it has been completed.

Details of the new school building

The new building, funded by Compassionate Eye Foundation, will provide an enhanced learning environment for about 300 students. The building was badly needed, as the children were crammed into the old school building with as many as 100 students in some of the classrooms.

The new building has three classrooms, each equipped with benches and desks for students and a table and chair for each teacher. Teachers and students will be taught how to maintain the furniture and make any repairs that may be needed in the future.  

Malaforia 2

Building the school – a community project 

The school was very much a community project. By supplying the manual labour and raw materials such as wood, rocks and bricks, the whole community was able to contribute towards their children’s education.

Celebrating Malaforia

Celebrating education

When the building was complete, elders, community leaders, teachers and students, and families came out for the celebration. Our partners at CAUSE Canada wrote that the children “were ecstatic to see a brand new school in their community.”

“The teachers were also very grateful to Compassionate Eye for their generosity! Nothing can express the gratitude felt by community members when they know that people across the ocean are thinking of them. On behalf of CAUSE Canada and the people of Malaforia, we thank you for your indispensable contribution.”

Malaforia Funded

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This project is another example of how CEF is helping improve access to education for children around the world. Thanks to all our volunteers, partners and those who purchase our photos to help make this possible.